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Sharayan Empire: from ashes to glory!

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First off this is not a typical campaign. I am using the pathfinder system because its the only fantasy system I’ve tried recently, and since I believe that the system plays the smallest role in an RPG game the Pathfinder RPG will do. I will bring to life the environment that you will be part off. From NPCs to the details of city and steppe life or the outlook of folks from the different provinces. I intend on filling your play with intrigue, creative combat, investigations and complex plotlines. For me it has always been about seeing how you, the player, interact with the world, PCs and NPCs around you. Sharayan campaign is an unscaled world where you can run into a 20lvl goblin and lose or litch, who’s not bent on world destruction. You can best anyone with enough forethought and planning regardless of your level or INT attribute bonus. I prefer players 21 years of age and over. I intend on playing once a month on a weekend but most of the day.

I use as many sections/tabs of the portal as I can. Not all of them are accessible and the use of forums requires payment. SO here is what I have added thus far: the Wiki tab gives you background information about the area where you will be starting, Gorh. The Items tab lays the foundations to basic concepts such as the use of money, views on slavery, guilds, magic use, religion, races, player alignments and character creation and heraldry. The comments tab is the FAQ area. Here, in the main/home section there will be an overview of the last 7,000 years. As it is impossible for me to remember, create or write every detail of 7,000 years but I will add relevant material as it is asked and/or encountered.

Thanks to one of our players being an artist we now have a good looking map. Check it out and use it when creating your background. Outside of Sharaya City there are only two classifications for locations; city or large town. However, Gorh, Xanfth and other capitals are much larger in size than Koln or Lumas or Kaunas. These look the same on the map but are way different. City of Gorh population is 1.3 million, and Xafth is 2.5 million where as Koln is 250,000 and Lumas is around 200,000. a town on the map can have a population of up to 100,000 if its a large town and if it is not walled, and most of them are not or only have a centralized defense system, the population is sprawled. Ther are also many small villages not on the map but usually near roads, water, forests or other producing areas. As a player if you start from the ones with no names just make up the town name and submit. If its marked on the map you will have the honor of naming it. Enjoy, and thanks Ramone.

Sharaya is an empire broken apart by invasions, diseases and debauchery. It was initially founded roughly 7,000 years ago by high elves landing on the northern tip of the Strait of Dost and creating tithes with the forest elves that already lived there. The founding of the city of Sharaya, so named after her first Queen and wife to the elven gods, was a creation of spirit and enlightenment. The founders were able to defeat their many foes, over and over, create a government unparalleled in the world and improve the arts.

Sharaya had many assailants. All wanted the wealth and knowledge hidden behind the elven walls and towers. However, none were as deadly as the endless seas of flesh that first pored out of the North, then later out of the east, and later still from the south by water.

The result; a dwindling population of elves and the need for compromise. As the Sharayan Lords expanded in order to secure their environment they became less and less fully Elven. Many mingled their blood with those of humans. Some emperors even had the audacity to create half-elven/half-orcish monstrosities. In one case, such a creature even managed to inherit the throne.

After 3,000 years a “small” contingent of the nobility, looking to preserve their heritage, wealth and strength founded the Duchy of Wraith. They were determined to keep the mongrel and rabbles out. To this day they remain a mystery. It is rumored that they mix their blood with those of the dark elves, digging their way through the mountains against which their city is pressed. Wraith remains a staunch ally to Sharaya and is a source for rare gems, and metals that populate the empire.

In the south, after 4,000 years a across the strait the humans under the guidance of elven lords had raised a mighty city. Run under the guidance of their elven overlords, this city flourished and grew. As with the all examples wealth attracted raiders. At first walls came up but when that was not enough a small hold was established to guard the cause way between the mountain and the ocean. This later flourished as well, fell, rebuilt and so on. The final result: Kraldirgst Castle and the Principality of Kral.

This is the least elven area in the empire. Boasting the most amount of versatility in races. Many a Orri run here when seeking freedom.

In the east the human pilgrims discovered lush lands and Elven Hosts waged battle on the on coming hordes. Establishing provinces and capturing land went to the soldiers, then elven.
North of the Sharayan City more invaders pored out. When the descendants of Shar could not stop their onslaught they engaged in politics and holding them off until the new walls were built and the Flagon was established.

700 years before the present a General of the Fitshath, a kingdom past the Drozain Mountains crossed the frosty alps and with the aid frost giants nearly brought the Empire to its knees. That was the last time ALL the citizens of the Empire had joined forces.

While the naval capacities of their merchant fleet was high. Most of the combat capable ships on the Maraxian Sea are pirates. The Sharayan Royal Navy consists of nearly 600 ships but few of those are able to pursue in open waters. Most ships are bound to shore lines are powered by rowers, or small sail, Viking Style.

Majority of these are in the Kotic Ocean. Since many ships are conscripted, approximately 150 of 200 ships belong to Temple Port and or Gorhish Navy. While there are more conscripted ships Temple Port and Gorh are barely on speaking terms. In the past the Empire had used the animosity to maintain control. Now…

Since then, diseases had come, the mortals blame the petty gods. They, both disease and the petty gods, slew more than just one king and emperor. Now in the weakened state many citizens seek knowledge, wealth, power and freedoms in a new world where an ancient Empire is teetering between survival or its final death throws.


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